Importance of the performance tests in mill

In a vacuum system where all rotating equipment’s have accumulated the same amount of work hours, in what order we should check out the vacuum pumps?

Before taking a decision about the maintenance tasks to carry out in the vacuum pumps of a paper machine, it is very important to make a performance test to each equipment. In that way, the Maintenance Manager will have a criterion when deciding which vacuum pump need to be reviewed and the order in which should carry out the maintenance work.

The performance test allows us to know the real flow and vacuum capacity of the vacuum pump comparing with the manufacturer information. Flow and equipment consumption information is taken in several points getting the ratio Kw/m3/min.

OKOBIO staff moves to the customer’s mill to carry out the performance tests to the equipment’s and determine the flow rate and power consumption at a minimum in 5 different vacuum points. To do this, we dismantle the suction manifold and we left the end shields to install measuring plates on them.

Performance tests will be strictly necessaries and mandatories for certain size companies, when the legislation on the European directive EU/27/2012 concerning energy efficiency enters into force.

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