855 Filtrate Pump CARVER

One of the best selling pump this year in the vacuum systems Today, we would like to present you this year best selling pump and it is not a vacuum pump, it is a filtrate pump CARVER 855. The last year, OKOBIO began to distribute CARVER pump and spare parts in Europe with a very


For the purpose of enhancing our service, we have updated our web including second hand vacuum pumps, in adittion to available spare parts with immediate delivery. Among others, you can find NASH 904P2 and NASH 904R2 refurbished vacuum pumps with a guaranteed performance higher than 92%, due to our bench test with new 315Kw motor.


Any manufacturer vacuum pump equipment’s (NASH, SIEMENS, CUTES, SAFEM, ARMSTRONG, etc.) can be protected with this type of coatings against corrosion/erosion, improving the specific consumption (lower kW/m3/min) by the least internal friction and reducing the maintenance and service costs. One of the most reliable and profitable solution in liquid ring vacuum pump service, is to

The service criterion in a vacuum system

Importance of the performance tests in mill

In a vacuum system where all rotating equipment’s have accumulated the same amount of work hours, in what order we should check out the vacuum pumps?

Before taking a decision about the maintenance tasks to carry out in the vacuum pumps of a paper machine, it is very important to make a performance test to each equipment. In that way, the Maintenance Manager will have a criterion when deciding which vacuum pump need to be reviewed and the order in which should carry out the maintenance work.