For the purpose of enhancing our service, we have updated our web including second hand vacuum pumps, in adittion to available spare parts with immediate delivery.

Among others, you can find NASH 904P2 and NASH 904R2 refurbished vacuum pumps with a guaranteed performance higher than 92%, due to our bench test with new 315Kw motor.

You will receive a technical report with the real curve obtained in the bench test, in both new and refurbished vacuum pumps. This bench test, unique in Europe, allow us to guarantee equipment perfect mechanical assembly to obtain the best performance.

We also have AP series best-selling models liquid ring vacuum pumps, such as AP10/12, AP20/21, AP30/32 and AP40/42, interchangeables with NASH CL series vacuum pumps without doing changes in your installation.

Finally, you have at your disposal the most common spare parts such as cones, impellers and bodies for SC, TC, CL, 904/905 and NASH Premier series.

Check the availability detailing equipment series number and  model, in both complete equipment and spare parts.

Upon request, all the models could be supplied with ARC S2 ceramic coating for aggressive applications.

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