Knowing the flow rate and vacuum level needed at a given application point, you can choose up between three different models of vacuum pumps. What is the most appropriate option?

Considering that the flow rate is constant and proportional to the rotation speed, we can install a smaller vacuum pump at high revs.

If we go up to the next level in terms of size, we would have a larger vacuum pump turning at a lower rotation speed than the previous one, with also lower energy consumption.

The option of the largest pump turning at its lowest revs, would be the ideal solution, but with a much higher starting price.

For example, for a flow rate of 182 m3/min* and a vacuum level of 450 mbar*, we could choose between the vacuum pumps AP94M1 (Equivalent to 904M1), AP94P1 (Equivalent to 904P1) and AP94S1 (Equivalent to 904S1).

The AP94M1 would be running at 500 rpm with a consumption of 226 kW.

The AP94P1 would be running at 303 rpm but with a consumption of 165 kW.

The AP94S1 would be running at 181 rpm but with a consumption of 143 kW.

*Air temperature: 40ºC – Liquid ring temperature: 28ºC

Therefore, our recommendation is always to select the vacuum pump whose flow rate is located in the middle of the curve, thus ensuring the correct pump performance and energy savings in the medium-term.

Vacuum pump perfomance curve

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