Once we have chosen the vacuum pump that best suits to our flow needs, we must take care of the liquid ring water temperature to ensure energy savings.

In the last publication (You can read it here again) we recommended the vacuum pump AP94P 1 (equivalent to 904P 1) with 165 kW consumption for 182 m3/min, at a 450 mbar vacuum and a performance obtained of 0.9041 kW/m3/min.

We were seeing that the pump speed was 303 rpm, the temperature of the liquid ring was 28°C and the suction temperature 40°C.

Liquid ring circuit
Liquid ring circuit

Therefore, since the suction temperature will not vary, if we lower the water temperature of the liquid ring 8°C, operating at 20°C, the energy savings are 12 kW (153 kW) and if we operate with the liquid ring temperature at 36°C, the energy consumption rises to 177 kW.

Specific yields vary, as well as the output temperature of the liquid ring, having to vary speeds to obtain the same flow rate.

In addition, we must take into account other aspects of the vacuum pump such as longer service life and lower maintenance cost.

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