For the purpose of enhancing our service, we have updated our web including second hand vacuum pumps, in adittion to available spare parts with immediate delivery.

Among others, you can find NASH 904P2 and NASH 904R2 refurbished vacuum pumps with a guaranteed performance higher than 92%, due to our bench test with new 315Kw motor.

You will receive a technical report with the real curve obtained in the bench test, in both new and refurbished vacuum pumps. This bench test, unique in Europe, allow us to guarantee equipment perfect mechanical assembly to obtain the best performance.


Performance test

904R2 vacuum pump in the bench test

We also have AP series best-selling models liquid ring vacuum pumps, such as AP10/12, AP20/21, AP30/32 and AP40/42, interchangeables with NASH CL series vacuum pumps without doing changes in your installation.


Finally, you have at your disposal the most common spare parts such as cones, impellers and bodies for SC, TC, CL, 904/905 and NASH Premier series.


Check the availability detailing equipment series number and  model, in both complete equipment and spare parts.

Upon request, all the models could be supplied with ARC S2 ceramic coating for aggressive applications.


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Any manufacturer vacuum pump equipment’s (NASH, SIEMENS, CUTES, SAFEM, ARMSTRONG, etc.) can be protected with this type of coatings against corrosion/erosion, improving the specific consumption (lower kW/m3/min) by the least internal friction and reducing the maintenance and service costs.

 One of the most reliable and profitable solution in liquid ring vacuum pump service, is to use high-technology composites.

The preparation of the surface to be coated, according manufacturer standards, guarantees us a high reliability and durability. The right roughness level and a proper cleaning of the surface to leave it chlorides and pollutants free are the key for the good adherence of the ceramic compound to the surface.


Vacuum pump body - Vacuum pump service


Roughness measure - Coating thickness gaugeRoughness measure - Vacuum pump service

The most used in our pumps, both on service and new equipment’s, is the ARC S2.

Vacuum pump ARC S2 coating

ARC S2Coathing thickness - Vacuum pump service


The coatings in the vacuum pumps used by OKOBIO are always 100% solids. This characteristic eliminates the possibility of generating a corrosion point in the coated surface. When this happens, the increase in the volume generated by the rust increased the pressure under the coating until it breaks off, beginning in this moment a continued deterioration of the surface.


Body with polysoprene protection

Body with polysoprene protection

Corrosion effects in the coating

Corrosion effects in the coating








The use of closed liquid ring vacuum circuits in pulp and paper industry and extremely acid waters, in the mining industry, generate much more corrosion/erosion damaging the equipment’s prematurely.


ARC coating application, not only protect us of corrosion and erosion but is the perfect substitute of stainless steel special alloys (duplex steels and superduplex), considerably reducing new equipment’s acquisitions costs.


The use of ARC coatings reduced the energetic consumption to new equipment’s levels, without increasing the energetic cost even we change the liquid ring vacuum pump conditions.


Once the vacuum pump is assembled, is tested in the bench test, keeping our customers informed of the improvements obtained with the report. OKOBIO guarantees no less than 92% performance after used vacuum pump service.


Performance test Vacuum pump service

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The service criterion in a vacuum system

Importance of the performance tests in mill

In a vacuum system where all rotating equipment’s have accumulated the same amount of work hours, in what order we should check out the vacuum pumps?

Before taking a decision about the maintenance tasks to carry out in the vacuum pumps of a paper machine, it is very important to make a performance test to each equipment. In that way, the Maintenance Manager will have a criterion when deciding which vacuum pump need to be reviewed and the order in which should carry out the maintenance work.


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